It’s probably been 4-5 years since I cooked in Oklahoma!  The contest in Tecumseh was a great one to revisit that fine state.  An Oklahoma contest was where I first made the top ten in any category and the first DAL too.   The team roster read like a who’s who!  Lotta Bull, Twin Oaks, Buffalo’s BBQ, Butcher BBQ, Kosmo’s Q, Little Pig Town just to name a few.  Linda Praytor put on a great event and took great care of the teams.  The cinnamon roll was wonderful on Friday night topped off with giant cookies on Saturday.  The grounds were beautiful and the power was good and steady.

I was lucky and got a call for 10th place in pork.  Brisket was a repeat from my DAL of many years ago.  I got to fiddling with the turn-in box and time got away from me!  One good thing — last DAL was earned because the brisket tasted bad.  Much more better to get DAL from missed turn-in!