newpntjmboYes, there is a BBQr’s Delight cooking team, head cook Candy Sue Weaver.  It’s a split personality thing!  Me, Myself and I split duties, but ultimately it all falls on Candy.

Internal contest dialog goes something like this:

Me:  Where’s the chicken rub?

I:  I don’t know.

Myself:  I was refilling the shaker jar the other day, isn’t it in the bag?

Me:  Can’t find it!

Myself:  Maybe I left it in the pantry!

I:  I think it’s time to go to plan B — use the brisket rub!

Me:  Use the Dixie Chicken, after all it has BBQr’s Delight’s label on it.

Myself and I:  But it’s never done well at a contest!

Me:  It’s bound to be better than the brisket rub.  Maybe next time, Myself, you’ll do your job right and not forget stuff!

I:  Wait a minute!  Let’s remember, we’re all in this endeavor together (literally!).

On it goes, every contest is a new adventure!  Next one up is Stand By Your Grill BBQ Championship in Fulton, MS August 14 and 15, 2015.