I am embarassed that I haven’t added anything to this in so long. All things considered, 2011 was a very good year for BBQr’s Delight cooking endeavors. Did we break even? No Did we have a great time? Absolutely!!!

It’s April 11th and already 4 contests have been cooked. Getting ready to head to Jefferson City, Missouri on April 19th. I am a Butt to Butt judge. Once you become a Butt to Butt judge you can’t miss a year or you’re no longer a Butt to Butt judge. If you’ve never heard of the Butt to Butt, it’s a pork only invitation-only contest that’s happened about the last 12 years. Used to be a component of the Field of Dreams in Shannon, Illinois in July. When that contest folded, the Butt to Butt moved to the Capital City Cookoff in Jefferson City. To get in the Butt to Butt, a team has to win the pork category at 8 predetemined contests, like the American Royal, the Jack, the pork Team of the Year, Hammond, Louisiana, the pork winner at Jeff City and others. It’s a great honor to be a Butt to Butt judge! The pork is just amazing!

Other upcoming events are the IBCA contest in Delight, Arkansas on April 27-28. The World Championship Steak Cook-off in Magnolia, Arkansas on May 5th. And I can’t wait to go back to Sevierville, Tennessee for Bloomin’ Barbeque and Bluegrass on May 18-19th.