Pick Your Flavors — 40 lbs — 2 bags any flavor




Our pellet grill fuel is flavor wood blended with oak to give you consistent, clean fire for your pellet burning cooker and plenty of great smoke flavor for your food. Great smoke flavor for burgers and steaks!

Select any 2 Flavors!

Available Flavors: Jack Daniel’s, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, Oak, Sassafras, Black Walnut, Apple, Cherry, Sugar Maple, Peach and Orange

Jack Daniel’s: Made from the mellowing charcoal from the Jack Daniel’s Distillery which gives Jack Daniel’s whiskey the smooth sipping taste. A great fuel for your pellet-fired cooker on its own or mixed with other flavors.

Hickory: Hickory, the most commonly used and recognized smoke wood for BBQ. It’s the usual flavor for smoking bacon!

Mesquite: Mesquite, Spicy, very distinctive smoke of Southwest cooking.

Pecan: Pecan is similar to hickory but milder and sweeter with a nut after-taste.

Oak: Oak provides heavy smoke with no after-taste, gives foods a wonderful smoked color. Oak is 100% oak wood.

Sassafras: Sassafras wood mixed with oak for high BTU heat. Sassafras is a unique smoke that leaves a hint of root beer flavor on the food. Excellent for chicken, pork and game.

Black Walnut: Black Walnut gives an intense smoke, slightly bitter like walnuts.

Apple: Apple, Sweet, fruity smoke. Strongest of the fruit woods.

Cherry: Cherry pellet grill fuel is cherry wood blended with oak wood before pelleting. Sweet smoky flavor with a rosy hue. Gives the deepest “smoke ring” on meat.

Sugar Maple: Sugar Maple is very mild, a sweet light smoke! This is our favorite for smoking Turkey!

Peach: Peach is a sweet, fruity smoke, used by many top barbeque cooks.

Orange: Orange wood blended with oak to provide high BTU heat with tangy Orange flavor. Ideal for cooking chicken, pork and seafood.

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Weight 42 oz
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